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Department of ENT

The Department of ORL , MMC started its journey as a primary department since the inception of the Midnapore Medical College in 2004. Under the efficient leadership of the six Head of the Departments in succession, namely -Dr. Pallab Kr. Majumdar (21.03.03-10.08.06), Dr. Utpal Kr Jana (11.08.06-07.04.08 & 03.06.08-04.03.10), Dr. Braja Ballav Pakhira (08.04.08-02.06.08), Dr. Debashis Barman (05.03.10-27.09.12 & 08.05.13-07.08.13), Prof (Dr) Sumit  Kr  Basu (27.09.12-08.05.13) and Prof (Dr) Indranil Sen (08.08.13-Contd.), the Department has served the people of the West Midnapore District and the adjacent area tirelessly.

Staff Profile
The department has 7 full-time Faculty Members of which 6 are in permanent service and one Senior Resident serving for 3 years term. There are Six Junior residents, of which 3 are doing their MS (ENT) and 3 are acting as House-surgeons. At present, the Department has 1 Audiologist (Diploma) in service. Apart from this, a retinue of supporting human resources e.g. Nursing Staff, attendants and cleaning staff are engaged in uninterrupted services to the patients as well as to the Students.

The Department provided out-patient service to about 40000 thousand patients and indoor service to 1572 patients in last year (Jan-Dec 2016). The department has performed 565 Major surgeries and 850 Minor surgeries in the same period apart from more than a thousand day-care OPD based surgeries. Moreover, the department has provided Audiometry services to about 2437 patients and Impedance Audiometry to 1655 patients in the last year. Recently, the Department has started 3 Special Clinics weekly, namely, Oral Cancer detection, Vertigo and Allergy clinics after the regular OPD service hours.

In addition to this, the Department also provides round the clock Emergency care to the Casualty & critical patients who attend the general emergency or admitted under the care of various departments of the Institution. Recently, the Department has been selected by the GoWB as the District Nodal Centre for the National Program for Prevention & Control of Deafness (NPPCD) of Government of India.

The Institution has an annual intake of 100 students in the MBBS course and one (1) seat for MS (ENT) under West Bengal University of Health Sciences. It follows the MCI guideline for the training of the UG & PG students. The MS (ENT) course has been introduced to the Department in 2013 under the LOP from MCI and since then, 3 batches have taken admission in it. The 1st batch has already passed and the department is waiting for the L/O recognition. In the mean time, the Institution has applied for the increase of UG seats to 150 per year and the process is on with MCI.

Additional stress is always given to the UG training in the form of regular formative assessment, organization of clinical meeting and seminars and over all development of the future Doctors. The PG students are trained intensively under the constant guidance of the faculty members in the form of clinical and operative training, seminars, clinical meetings, journal clubs and group discussions. At present 2 (Two) research projects are being pursued by the PG students, namely “A comparative study about the effects of anterior nasal packing for Epistaxis by conventional nasal pack vis-à-vis Polyvinyl alcohol sponge” and “Outcome of post-operative mastoid cavity obliteration with autologous cartilage vis-à-vis adipose tissue- A comparative study” under the Guidance of Prof (Dr) I. Sen & Dr. R. Hembrom. In the last three years, faculty members have published 15 scientific papers in different National & International Medical Journals as follows-

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The faculty members and PG Students have also participated in various National Conferences and Workshops to acquire proficiency e.g. AOICON 2017, MIDAOICON-WB 2016, ISOCON 2106, AOICON-WB 2017 etc.

Future plan and Vision
Being the sole tertiary care hospital of the district of West Midnapore, the Department of ORL, MMC has a huge responsibility of catering a large number of populations many of them are living at the fringes of the society. In addition to this, training of a large number of key Health-care Professionals like the MBBS Doctors, ENT Specialists, Nurses and the supportive health-care staff on a regular basis, places a huge burden of workload on the handful of Faculty Members. Nevertheless, the Department is trying hard to establish a separate ‘Audio-Vestibular Care Unit’ in the near future which will provide specialized patient-care services e.g. Neonatal Screening for deafness and Vestibular Screening & Rehabilitation. Plan are on the anvil to increase the output in the field of Research & Development in terms of original publications, epidemiological surveys & new research projects.